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23 Jan 2020

Category: Review

Messiah - Original Netflix series review

Messiah – Original Netflix series review 

The Messiah tv series produced by Netflix was launched on the 1st of January 2020. For now, there is one season launched with 10 episodes, but seeing the success of the series the second season is closer than we might think. What is Messiah about?…

6 Underground - Netflix Originals movie review 1

6 Underground – Netflix Originals movie review 

Less than 24 hours after watching the 6 Underground movie I have to tell you, that you will either love it or hate it. There is nothing in between. Micheal Bay, the director of the movie created another Transformers sequel. Just this time he did…

'The Crown' (2016- ) - Netflix series review

‘The Crown’ (2016- ) – Netflix series review. 

Netflix doesn’t disappoint in terms of its own productions. There have been many great movies, documentaries and tv series produced by them, with great success. One of the newest tv series, for which it is worth to renew your Netflix subscription is ‘The Crown’. The…

Joker (2019) – movie review

Joker (2019) – review 

If you expect to see a comedy or a regular comic movie you are totally wrong. What you will get is a complete mind-fuck you haven’t seen in any other movie ever before. Joker is everything but comedy. It is a story about mentally ill…