• Effects
  • Soundtrack
  • Cast
  • Cars
  • Locations
  • Fight scenes


  • Fast pace
  • Chaotic scenes
  • Not charismatic characters
  • The weakest "Dictator" ever
Special Effects

Final Verdict

The 6 Underground is full of Bayhem action, fast and exploding cars, a lot of shootings and headshots, sexism, anti-charismatic characters, weak screenplay, and talks. Michael Bays' most chaotic movie. Love it or hate it.

Less than 24 hours after watching the 6 Underground movie I have to tell you, that you will either love it or hate it. There is nothing in between.

Micheal Bay, the director of the movie created another Transformers sequel. Just this time he did it without the Transformers.

Instead of the robots from other galaxies he only used humans. Although, they still have some kind of superpowers, and use super cool secret weapons and hi-tech gadgets.

The movie is full of great effects, well-looking locations and buildings, sports cars, sexy women and men, dictator without character, and fight scenes in which bones are broken.

But to be very honest, the best thing that could happen to Michel Bay is that somebody actually paid for this movie. And that someone was Netflix which in my opinion burned 150 mills. dollars. That money is lost forever and will never come back.

The last thing worth to mention before you jump into the review is the soundtrack. The music is well chosen and perfectly fits the atmosphere of the movie. You can listen to it below.

6 Underground, the soundtrack.

6 Underground, the plot.

An unnamed American billionaire and philanthropist once visit the Middle Eastern nation of Turgistan. On this mission, he witnesses the brutal regime of a dictator that is killing his own people by using a very dangerous gas.

After this happenings, the billionaire (Ryan Reynolds) decides to give up his normal day-to-day life and fake his death.

He becomes a “ghost” and comes up with an idea to create a secret team of similar ghosts that has nothing to lose.

The billionaire, who actually happens to be a super-smart inventor is number 1 in the team. He is followed by the other 5 team members. The number 2 is a spy, number 3 is a hitman. The number 4 is a parkour guru, the number 5 is a doctor and the number 6 is the driver.

The highest priority of the team is to hunt down the villain dictator. Replace him with his brother and bring peace to the people of Turgistan.

6 Underground – Netflix Originals movie review

Why you will love the movie?

The first thing you will immediately recognize is the style in which the movie is shot. It is called a “Bayhem”, and it is Micheal Bays’ unique movie filming style.

More concretely Bayhem is the slow-motion effects and huge explosions mainly shot in the sunset. If you have seen Armageddon, Bad Boys or at least one Transformers movie, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So going back to the initial question, if you are a fan of those effects you will love the 6 Underground for sure. More than half of the movie is based on them. And when you take into consideration that the movie has 128 minutes, you will get a bit more than 64 minutes of Bayhem effects only.

Another thing that you will love is the scenery. The movie was shot in locations like Budapest in Hungary, Florence, and Rome in Italy and also in the United Arab Emirates (Al Ain, Abu Dhabi or Liwa Oasis).

Among other things to love about this movie are definitely car chasing scenes and cars. Especially the green and tuned Alfa Romeo Giulia is awesome. Last but not least you will love the typical Bay humor, and jokes and partially the cast.

6 Underground – Netflix Originals movie review

Why you will hate the movie?

There are a few things that will almost make you cry while watching the 6 Underground.

The first one will appear around the 5th minute during the team’s mission in Florence. I am talking about the number 1 (Ryan Reynolds) holding an eyeball with the muscle still attached to it trying to scan it into a mobile phone. Even though he needed the eyeball to unlock the phone I still don’t get that scene.

Also, I have to be honest with you. That scene is still not the most ridiculous.

In the movie, you will also see surgery in a backseat of the car, parkour run down the building, a sniper shot saving a person in a swimming pool and people being thrown or connected to a super huge magnet. And that magnet will be connected to a boat, and people killed with knives.

The second thing that was very disturbing and sometimes really annoying was the lame talks between the actors. The discussions and the lines were on level zero without any meaning. And I will not mention the totally useless talks of a dictator without any charisma or whatsoever. But that’s simply the style of Michael Bay.

If you think that this was it, I have to disappoint you. The worst thing about this movie is that it is extremely chaotic. If you miss one second it will be hard to get back on track.

6 Undergroung is Michael Bays’ most chaotic movie.

The Bayhem scenes, exploding and flying cars, headshots, blood, and dead (mainly flying) people are appearing so quickly that you will feel uncomfortable. And sometimes you might be very close to a stomach sickness.

Before seeing this movie I thought that the worst movie Michael Bay filmed is the last Transformers: The Last Knight movie. But I was hugely wrong.

6 Underground - Netflix Originals movie review 1