Autumn Hygge. What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the word autumn? It is the back to school time, rainy and misty days, boring evenings with the TV, or stress from too much work?

Or you think about the colorful leaves on the trees, pumpkin spiced lattes or chai teas next to the fireplace, lit candles, reading a good book or about spending evenings with your friends or family?

If you think about the second ones, you actually think about Hygge.

Autumn Hygge - 10 tips to become more Hygge this autumn.

And what is the Hygge anyway?

Hygge is the cozy feeling you get when you’re enjoying the good things in life.


The word Hygge comes from Denmark and Norway and basically, it means “to give courage, comfort, joy”. That’s exactly what Hygge is all about. About feelings.

Some people say that Danes created Hygge to survive to dark, cold, and boring autumn and winter days. For most of them, finding the Hygge moments was a way to actually celebrate those days. To light up a candle after waking up or in the evening, making a warm coffee or hot chocolate, grab a book to read and simply enjoy the moment.

Hygge is also about creating rituals and incorporate them into everyday life. For example, cooking a meal at home with your friends every Thursday, instead of going into noisy a restaurant. Or brewing a herb tea every evening before going to sleep.

Autumn Hygge - 10 inspiring tips to become more Hygge this autumn. 1

And how to incorporate autumn Hygge into your life?

10 tips to be more Hygge this autumn.

  1. Share the negative emotions, situations with your friends and the loved ones. It is proven that this approach reduces the level of your stress and helps you to overcome it faster.
  2. Be more empathetic and practice empathy every day.
  3. Spend more time with other people. Organize different activities like games, tournaments or common cookings and empower creativity.
  4. Practice Hygge in smaller groups too. To create good feelings you do not need a lot of people. You can achieve it with just one other person.
  5. Light candles every day. 28% of Danish people light up several candles daily.
  6. Be more mindful and live in the moment. Set aside your mobile phone in the evening and rather grab a book instead. Or read some Hygge quotes to get inspired.
  7. Moderate your talks with friends. Once you have a feeling that the topic you are talking about is bringing out too many negative emotions, stop it straight away. Change it to a more positive one.
  8. Bring Hygge into your relationships too and share all the responsibilities.
  9. Create harmony and skip rivalry. No one likes to hear only about your achievements all the time.
  10. Pleasure yourself. Coffee, small chocolate, a cake or other sweet will definitely make you feel happier, and more Hygge.