Being a father can bring many happy moments and interesting experiences and learnings in daily life. For example, all newborn parents know that sleeping is overrated. And to have an 8-hour uninterrupted sleep as a young baby parent is simply impossible.

On the other side, it is possible to be a father who knows how to change the diaper on a changing table within 30 seconds. Note, with one hand holding the baby and the second one actually doing the change. Or to figure out 25 different ways of how to play with the same toy 🙂

Another thing that can be learned is connected to the world we live in today. Unfortunately, this issue is more negative than positive. Also, it reflexes the world we live in.

I am talking about sexism here. But before you start judging me on that, read more to understand my point of view.

For many people, it is normal to see a father working 10-12 hours per day and a mother to stay at home on maternity leave if she can.

In the “normal” case she does all the shopping, cleaning, laundry, and cooking by herself. He does all the ‘men” work like hanging up the picture or fixing things around the house. Also, he plays with the kid for a few hours after coming home from work.

But what if the scenario is different. What if the mother is working and the father is at home taking care of his kid? Then everything looks like a science-fiction movie. To see a father staying at home and do the cleaning or laundry is simply unimaginable for many people. Yet, still today.

And what if the father decides to go for lunch to a restaurant or shopping in the city with his kid? Then the whole situation gets even more complicated.

The changing table issue.

And why? Because the basic things like changing a diaper are simply becoming difficult.

Changing tables are mainly placed in women’s bathrooms or so-called family rooms. But what should a father do when he needs to change his baby’s diaper and there is no changing table in the men’s bathroom or a family room? Should he then go to the women’s bathroom and face all the mothers out there standing in a line?

Or should he just exchange the diapers right there on the floor?

Isn’t it the right time to finally stop that sexism and just focus on what is important? For example, to start installing changing tables in the men’s bathrooms too? So both the kids and the fathers are treated in a normal human way. That would be a pretty good start I guess.

It would be definitely cool to just take care of our kids easily and without problems. So we do not need to change the diapers like Donte Palmer on the photo below.

Should the changing tables for babies be installed in all men's bathrooms? Is it the best thing to do? 1

I would be very happy to see more proactivity from the restaurant owners, shopping malls and other public places. And I know that it is possible to solve this.

Just look at Pampers and their changing table campaign in the U.S. They have decided to install 5 000 changing tables in the men’s bathrooms across the states, to help fathers with this issue.

Or what about New York and its law that all the new or renovated men’s bathrooms should have mandatory changing tables?

And I could just go on as the list of such cases is getting bigger.

Luckily, there are some changes coming. But they are a bit slow. Just look at a country like Poland. Many restaurants and public places still don’t have changing tables at all. Can you imagine that?

Owners open their business with a mindset that every square meter counts. So why they should take 1 square meter and install a changing table in that space, right? That’s ridiculous. Sadly, it is also true.

So fathers have to either go to the women’s bathrooms or to change the diapers on the floor or in a #squatforchange. And to be very honest, it seems that this issue will not be completely solved any time soon.

Wrap up.

You know, we all want the best for our kids so let’s give it to them. Let’s create great and more importantly the same conditions for both parents. Let’s do not talk about gender anymore as both parents are equally important.

I believe that it is worth to discuss this issue openly and without fear of being judged. The more people and business hear about it, the more likely they will be willing to change something,

Should the changing tables for babies be installed in all men's bathrooms? Is it the best thing to do? 2