• Mental health awareness
  • Music
  • Joaquin Phoenix acting
  • Society problems awarness (rich vs poor)
  • This movie makes you think
  • Emotions


  • Heavy, it's not a movie for a casual date
  • Slower beginning, maybe too slow
  • Showing mentally ill people as crazy. Which might further isolate them from society.
  • Prone to stereotype
Special Effects

Final Verdict

The Joker is a psychological drama, full of real emotions. Unlike any other movie, it presents the issues of mental illness, social inequalities, and life in all of its drama and brutality. It is not your typical action movie. It's not obvious and definitely not easy to watch. You will remember it for a long time after you watch it. Perhaps a Joker 2.0 would be a great idea. I'd love to see this character getting connected to Batman.

If you expect to see a comedy or a regular comic movie you are totally wrong. What you will get is a complete mind-fuck you haven’t seen in any other movie ever before.

Joker is everything but comedy. It is a story about mentally ill Arthur Fleck whose only dream is to become a comedian. Arthur does everything that he can, to achieve that.

He takes random jobs as a clown to earn some money to survive. He helps his sick mother and tries to live a normal life. But each day he also experiences the brutality of the broken and sick society in the city of Gotham. And almost every day he gets his ass kicked.

The society where normal people are slowly rising against the rich part of the population. People with money do not care about anybody else just about themselves and the tension is growing. And Artur will play a big part in the change which is coming.

As time passes by he will discover something totally new, even for him.

After a brutal happening on a subway, he finally discovers his alter ego “Joker”. And when he tastes death his life will change completely.

Unexpectedly, with his behavior, he will also ignite the clown uprising in Gotham. In other words, he will instantly become the face of the festival of terror without even trying.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix are serving us one of the best movies in a very long time. Todd created a masterpiece where each scene, sentence or gesture has a chance to be remembered forever. The Joker dance or Joker stairs in the Bronx are already a touristic and online phenomenon.

In the Joker movie, you will feel real emotions from the beginning till the end. Once the violence starts you will start to feel a bit nervous and shaky.

In my opinion, Joaquin Phoenix becomes the best Joker ever. The biggest difference between him and Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight is in emotions. Yes, both played a psychopath and did very well but Joaquin has put it to the next level. His Joker is simply more human, more real, crazier and definitely more brutal.

He lost 26kg in order to become more authentic. His visible ribs and shoulder blades will immediately get your attention. As he said in one online interview, the weight loss helped him to move more freely during the shooting. And the bathroom dance is proof that he achieved what he wanted.

Joker (2019) – movie review


“My life was a tragedy. But now I realise, it’s a comedy.”

Arthur Fleck – Joker

One month after the first screening, the Joker has become the highest-grossing R rated movie in history ($938,046,890).

The studio has also already started the Oscar 2020 campaign and will nominate the movie in almost every major category.

I can just wish the creators good luck and hope they will win a lot of Oscars. They truly deserve it.

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