• Thought-provoking
  • Interesting plot
  • Attention grabbing
  • Good acting from the main characters


  • The high pace is slowing down after the 4th episode
  • Resembles the real political landscape

Final Verdict

The series will definitely wake up your curiosity and you will binge-watch it very quickly. It's one of those series that stay on your mind long after you've watched it. Overall, it's another interesting series from Netflix. Definitely worth watching.

The Messiah tv series produced by Netflix was launched on the 1st of January 2020. For now, there is one season launched with 10 episodes, but seeing the success of the series the second season is closer than we might think.

What is Messiah about?

The Messiah is about a man who has appeared in the Middle East during the fight for the city of Damascus. The city was attacked by ISIS (Daesh).

During the attack, the Messiah (Mehdi Dehbi) was preaching to the huge crowd of people saying that he is the voice of God. That he is the messenger who has brought information directly from God.

At the same time, a huge sand storm hits the city and makes the ISIS attack impossible. People quickly start to think that he is the true Messiah and more than 2 thousand people follow him and his commands to the dessert.

After the world learns about the man he gains enormous popularity among all the believers worldwide.

His popularity brings attention to the Israeli secret agent Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley) and an American CIA agent Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan). They both do not believe that he is real and start a hunt.

Last but not least, the Messiah is not the only one having secrets.

What you see, will be your choosing. 

Al-Masih (Messiah)

Messiah season 1 episodes:

  1. “He That Hath an Ear”
  2. “Tremor”
  3. “The Finger of God”
  4. “Trial”
  5. “So That Seeing They May Not See”
  6. “We Will Not All Sleep”
  7. “It Came to Pass as It Was Spoken”
  8. “Force Majeure”
  9. “God Is Greater”
  10. “The Wages of Sin”

The cast of Messiah season 1.

  • Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Masih (Messiah)
  • Tomer Sisley as Aviram Dahan
  • Michelle Monaghan as CIA agent Eva Geller
  • John Ortiz as Felix Iguero
  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Anna Iguero
  • Stefania LaVie Owen as Rebecca Iguero
  • Jane Adams as Miriam Keneally
  • Sayyid El Alami as Jibril Medina
  • Fares Landoulsi as Samir
  • Wil Traval as Will Mathers

Directors in season 1.

Although the show is created by Michael Petroni, there are two directors in season 1.

James McTeigue directed the episodes 1-4 and 9-10. The second director was Kate Woods and she was behind the episodes 5-8.

Messiah – Original Netflix series review

Messiah - Original Netflix series review

The Messiah is a thought-provoking and intriguing series. It is not only well written and directed but also the cast is very strong. From the first seconds, you will feel real emotions and that feeling will stay with you throughout all of the episodes.

No matter if you are a believer in God or not, the series will make you think and doubt your own beliefs. It is written in a way, that is not too obvious. You could never be sure if the man is a real Messiah or not.

At times, the plot unravels to make you believe he’s a total fraud, just playing with people’s feelings and believes through his great manipulation skills. Creating confusion and redirecting attention is a big part of what he does in the end.

The other times you might think that maybe he could be a Messiah. It’s not totally impossible as some of the scenes prove. It’s just a matter of what you choose to believe.

The scenery, in which the series is placed to some extent resembles the real political landscape in our current world. That’s what makes it interesting. In some places on our planet, it seems that only the Messiah could help the situation. These series enable you to see, what it could be like.

When faced with war or diseases, human nature is to turn to faith. Anyone who, in a tough time, appears to give hope is welcomed. People follow hope as they follow the Messiah in this movie. They would go to great lengths to find peace, health, happiness and to add a bit more meaning to their lives.

After the first four episodes the series slows down a little bit, but it gets back on track in the last two ones.

The series will definitely wake up your curiosity and you will binge-watch it very quickly. It’s one of those series that stay on your mind long after you’ve watched it. Overall, it’s another interesting series from Netflix. Definitely worth watching.

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