What is New Year and what does it actually mean for us?

For many people, New Year means a new start, new tasks, and new goals. Those goals can be really simple ones. Like to wake up 5 minutes earlier and have a tea or a bulletproof coffee with coconut oil. Or they can be more life-changing. Like starting to exercise, a new diet and lose some weight until summer.

And I have to tell you, that the last one is especially a difficult one. Especially when you are a foodie that decides to lose weight but still eat yummy food.

Being on a diet as a foodie can be really difficult. Majority of the dishes will lack basic taste, flavours, and textures.

Jan Vasil

During the past few years, I have tried several different diets. Some of them worked in a way that I was able to lose some weight or improve my medical results. Like to lower my cholesterol or blood sugar which I’ve struggled with for a long time.

The best working diets were a high-fiber diet with around 2000kcal benchmark or a VeGaN diet. On which I was able to stay for exactly three months. And btw, I’ve recently started it again.

On the other side, some of those diets were ridiculous. Like a 2-day ice-cream diet, intermittent fasting, or KETO diet (on which I was able to stay for the whole of 2 days). I was simply missing carbs in my food.

What do those diets have all in common? Besides that, they should supposedly improve your health or help you to lose weight?

The majority of the dishes I’ve tried were simply not tasty. I know that when you are on a diet, you shouldn’t expect a miracle of taste. But come on! Some of those dishes were so yucky that even my pug wouldn’t eat them.

Are you a foodie and you are thinking of going on a diet in 2020? It might be difficult to find the best diet for you. 1

The second downside of being on a diet, especially when you are a foodie or a food blogger like me, is that 99% of the recipes suck. Sometimes they are written by people who have no idea how to combine the flavors and textures in a dish. Yes, they might be experts in dieting but not the best recipe creators.

Those recipes are technically wrong. Sometimes it’s missing ingredients in the description which are later on used in a direction. Or vice versa. Other times the tempeh changes into tofu during the cooking. And the list goes on.

Also, keep in mind that lately many recipes are generated by special software for dietitians. And those AI recipes are ridiculous and funny at the same time. As long as macro’s and calories are ok, recipes are produced. Often no one has ever even attempted to cook it. So things can get ridiculous, really.

You might need to ‘cut a beer into cubes’ or ‘chop finely a mayonnaise‘. You get the idea, right?

But don’t worry, there is a way out.

Are you a foodie and you are thinking of going on a diet in 2020?

How to choose the best diet in 2020?

To find the best diet in 2020 you should always follow a few things. To follow a diet that is not personally built for your needs can have a negative impact on your health.

  1. Always, try to get a personalized diet. Meaning, contact a certified dietitian who has personal consultations with their clients.
  2. Once you do research for a dietitian, always chose the one who wants to get some of your medical records. Some of them might be asking for your latest blood pressure or cholesterol results. The best of them will be asking for even more medical information. Like a level of your vitamin D or iron in your blood. Thanks to this information the dietitian will be able to build a very specific diet for you.
  3. To get more understanding of the food you will eat, try to get some recipes upfront for testing. From this, you will see if the food will be delicious or not. If you are missing something or, or you simply do not like the food, report it back to the dietitian. He or she can adjust it for you.


At the end of the day, everyone can follow a diet. But it has to be done right, from the beginning. Health is one of those things that once broken, it will take a long time to fix it.

When you are a foodie, it just might be a bit more difficult to find the tastiest ones. So take your time, do your research and then choose the best and most personalized diet in 2020.

Are you a foodie and you are thinking of going on a diet in 2020? It might be difficult to find the best diet for you. 2