• Mark Wahlberg
  • Freestyle screenplay
  • Good humour
  • Solid action and fight scenes


  • Not so many action scenes for an action movie
  • Villains are super cheap
Special Effects

Final Verdict

Spenser Confidential is an average action-comedy movie that has a good storyline, one star-actor, and several fight scenes.

*This review contains spoilers.

Spenser Confidential is a new Netflix Original Movie released on the 6th of March 2020. The action movie is directed by Peter Berg, the director of movies like Hancock, Deep Water Horizon or Patriots Day.

The main star of the movie is definitely Mark Wahlberg playing Spenser. An ex-cop and ex-boxer that was sent to the prison due to beating up a man who had attacked his wife. At least this is how it looks from the first scenes.

Spenser served 5 years in prison, where he was dreaming about restarting his life after the release. He would like to become a truck driver and move to Arizona.

Unfortunately for him, the next day after his release Captain Boylan (Michael Gaston), the man who he previously attacked was brutally murdered. All the eyes of the police including Spencer’s former partner Driscoll (Bokeem Woodbine) was immediately on him.

Luckily Spenser had solid alibi from his old friend Henry (Alan Arkin) and a new roommate Hawk (Winston Duke) so they left him out from the investigations.

On the other side, Captain Boylan was not the only man who has died on that day. The second dead man was another policeman Terrence Graham (Brandon Scales) who was found dead in his car.

Police then started the investigation and found out that it was actually Terrence who has killed Captain Boylan.

Everyone in the city was satisfied with this theory and the case was quickly closed.

Except for Spenser who did not believe in anything that has been said. Terrence was his former classmate from the police school and in his eyes, he was a “clean” policeman.

After these realizations, the investigation in a “Spenser way” begins. He partners up with Henry, Hawk and his ex-girlfriend Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger) and starts the private investigation.

A few hours later, they find out that this case goes much deeper than they anticipated previously. Also, many people including, dirty cops, Irish mob leaders and gangsters and even the FBI are involved.

Spenser Confidential - Netflix Original Movie review

Spenser Confidential – Netflix Original Movie review.

Peter Berg gave us an action movie that could be pretty much summed up in one sentence. Spenser Confidential is an average action-comedy movie that has a good storyline, one star-actor, and several fight scenes.

It is not an action movie like 6 Underground were everything is flying and exploding. Also, it is not John Wick who kills 100 people per minute.

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Spenser Confidential is an action heist movie that takes inspiration from the ’70s, acting from ’80s and the fight scenes from ’90s.

So as you see it is a perfect combination for a solid movie, that is everything but expectational.

And why should you watch it then? Spenser Confidential is a “light” movie for any Friday evening. If you want to have fun and simply take a break from your day-to-day life, this movie is perfect for that.

It will pass by very quickly, and in the end, you will have a feeling that you want more of it. And the cheeky Peter Berg will exactly give you that.

The last scene is definitely a good teaser for a sequel movie. Unfortunately, that information has not been confirmed yet by Netflix. But in my opinion, Netflix just found its own action-movie franchise and it will juice out everything from it in the close future.

I would definitely watch the Spenser Confidential 2. Or even 3, 4 or 5.

Spenser Confidential – the core cast.

  • Mark Wahlberg as Detective Spenser
  • Winston Duke as Hawk
  • Alan Arkin as Henry Cimoli
  • Iliza Shlesinger as Cissy Davis
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Driscoll
  • Michael Gaston as Captain John Boylan

Spenser Confidential - Netflix Original Movie review 1

Spenser Confidential – the official movie soundtrack.

The official music score for the movie was composed by Steve Jablonsky. The composer had been previously working with Peter Berg on other movies like Deepwater Horizon, Battleship. He is also a composer of soundtracks of Transformers movies from Michael Bay.

Image credit: Netflix

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