• Production of the show
  • Music by Hans Zimmer
  • Ability to build drama with camera
  • The cast is exceptional
  • Bringing the royal family closer and their problems to the viewers


  • Some stories might be exaggerated
  • The season is too short, you are able to binge watch it in few days
Special Effects

Final Verdict

The Crown is a great historical drama form Netflix. Watch it and you will begin to understand the challenges the Royal Family faced over the years. It brings a different perspective and shows that even the greatest privilege of being a Queen, often comes with a huge sacrifice.

Netflix doesn’t disappoint in terms of its own productions. There have been many great movies, documentaries and tv series produced by them, with great success.

One of the newest tv series, for which it is worth to renew your Netflix subscription is ‘The Crown’. The first season was released back in 2016 and already then, it gained a big amount of publicity. The production shed some light on the mysterious lives of the British monarchy. By watching it you can gain some understanding of the happenings behind the gates of Buckingham Palace. Recently, on November 17th, Netflix released the 3rd season of this historical drama series.

What is like to live with the crown?

Life of Queen Elisabeth II and her extended family, as shown in this production, exposes the great, but also the dark side of the monarchy. If at any point in your life you might have wondered what it would be like to be a part of the Royal Family, this movie will show you just that. Be prepared for what you are going to see, as this is not a typical fairytale with kings, queens, and princesses.

The life of this family is filled with compromises, limitations, protecting the Crown at all costs. There is no space for personal preferences and beliefs. One belonging to the Royal Family cannot choose freely how to live his life or who to love. Every idea goes under the strict scrutiny of the Queen. Nothing can be negotiated, and if it doesn’t fit the royal guidelines and protocols it has no place to be at all.

The drama also focuses on the political aspects of the United Kingdom. It explains the relationship between the Queen and the government, revealing characters of many different prime ministers during this time, as well as many different governments both from right and left-wing.

As for the drama itself, it is a great production from many aspects. The director Peter Morgan clearly has a great vision for it.

'The Crown' (2016- ) - Netflix series review. 1

The cast.

As the movie is set to show the entire lifespan of Queen Elisabeth II, there are new actors being cast for all main characters every 2 seasons. We get to appreciate Clair Foley as a young Queen in season 1 and 2, followed by excellent acting from Olivia Colman in season 3. Prince Filip is introduced by Matt Smith at the beginning, followed by Tobias Menzies in season 3, which I personally believe is one of the top characters of that season.

The music.

The entire series is perfectly accompanied by the music of none greatest than Hans Zimmer himself. If you know any of his music, you will understand that this historical drama wouldn’t be the same without his input. Ability to create tension and build up the scene by adding the right music to it, it’s essential to The Crown’s success.

The money.

If all of this doesn’t convince you to watch it, there is something else that just might. ‘The Crown’s’ first season is the most expensive drama produced by Netflix, costing a whopping 100 million pounds! They threw some big bucks into this series, so if you want to find out if it was worth it, you must watch it. Season 3 is great November release.

If you’ve already binge-watched the entire 3 seasons, do not worry. Even though there is no specific release date for season 4 yet, it is known to be somewhere in 2020. Judging by releasing of previous seasons, it will probably be around autumn/winter time. Netflix has confirmed, that they found the actress to play Princess Diana (Emma Corrin), so things will get that much more exciting.

Queen herself is one of the British national symbols. Whereas Netflix’s historical drama about the life of Royal Family is based on history, you still must remember, that it is a fiction. Some stories might be overexaggerated and adjusted, so don’t teach your kids history based on this. It is, however, good enough interpretation of what it might be like, living within the cold walls of Buckingham Palace.