Take a stroll around the city. What do you see when you commute to work? I bet cars. Many different cars. There is an abundance of choice when it comes to brand, the type, the color. Have you ever wondered, if car color could have an influence on driving style?

White, yellow, black? - can specific car color protect you from accidents on the road?
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Is driving a black car more dangerous than white? Or maybe the red ones are the hazard? When it comes to driving safely, does color matter? Can color alone influence how we act?

Are you really in charge here?

You might think, that the only thing influencing your driving is the mood that you are in, your personality and style. The truth is, that everything around you has an influence on how you feel and act. The food you eat, the noise around you, other people that you interact with – Literally everything.

White, yellow, black? - can specific car color protect you from accidents on the road?
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Just remind yourself of those lazy days, when you stayed all day in your PJs. This day was surely not as productive as the times when you got up and got dressed straight away.

On the other hand, recall the day when you got all glammed up and dressed up for a fancy dinner with your date. Wasn’t it yet another version of you? Interesting, huh?

The same way, that your clothes have an impact on how you feel and act on that day, maybe the car you drive does it to?

Does car color affect the way you drive?

White, yellow, black? - can specific car color protect you from accidents on the road?
Photo by Ruvim Noga on Unsplash

Let’s take a look at the research. Surely, something as important as road safety must have been researched deeply. The findings are quite surprising.

In 2003 in New Zeland, a study on car colors was published – ‘Car color and risk of car crash injury’. As the title suggests, they’ve investigated the risk of car crash associated with the car color. What they found is really interesting.

It seems that silver cars were 50% less likely to be involved in a crash than white cars (especially crash resulting in serious injury). Other colors, where the risk of a serious injury is high were yellow, grey, red, and blue.

If you own a white car, don’t put it up for sale just yet. Another study (this time in Australia) also investigated this issue. Their findings were slightly different to the New Zeland one.

According to this study, colors which are lower on the visibility index are associated with higher car crash risk. Those colors were black, blue, grey, green, red and silver (here goes the happiness of the silver cars owners). Additionally, the association between car color and the risk of a car crash was strongest during daylight hours.

With no conclusive evidence of car color affecting your road safety, you can rest assured, that no matter what color is your car, you are safe to drive in it.

Does car color affect your insurance rate?

White, yellow, black? - can specific car color protect you from accidents on the road?
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This seems to be an urban myth. Car color doesn’t have an influence on how high or low your insurance rate is. Red BMW is not more expensive to insure than a white or black one. Insurance company mainly care about the type and brand of the car (different brands cost differently, hence have a different rate of insurance obviously). They also look at the driver of course – here age, sex, experience matter.

The color you choose won’t make a difference in your insurance rate. You free to go for the fiery red, the ‘bling bling‘ gold or the sophisticated black metallic. Make your wish come true!


Color of the car doesn’t matter much for your safety on the road. You still have to drive mindfully, with respect for other drivers to avoid accidents. Mindfulness while driving is your best policy. Any recklessness might cost you money, your driving license, health or even your life.

Now, we are curious about what color is your car? Let us know in the comments below.

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